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The art and science of experiential blogging is to communicate desire – raymi lauren

Raymi Lauren White eating oysters at Toronto eventThe art of experiential blogging is to leverage an existing community before, during and after the act of experiencing and communicating a client’s business attraction. The best experiential bloggers are not afraid to star in their own productions and bring readers along on their journey on all platforms, using their micro blogs to continually reinforce the validity of their central long copy personal blog post.

The quintessential experiential blogger would conduct the marketing assignment as follows,

1. Send invitations or post contest to get audience – link to brand channels

2. experience the venue , product or service, party or promotion – live micro blogging

3. make rich media during the entire ordeal – publish and promote afterwards

4. incorporate rich media elements into blog – write and publish a long copy blog post on home blog platform

4a add seo elements into this post including keyword rich headers , anchor text links to sponsor and ALT text images

5. promote blog post – use all their own social media channels to reinforce the validity and widen the reach of the media

6. conclude invitation media, updating stories and award prizes – write congratulatory media

7. reinforce brand stories about the event in general that may or may not use or link to personal blogger’s media.

Experiential bloggers who do this well are valuable to society because they communicate the intricacies of a particular program to the consumer and chronicle business trends and detail market sentiment in real time based on the size of their audience and the overall appeal of their messaging. When done well it really is win / win / win because the consumer gains insight, the business gains web market share, and Google gets more juicy content smothered in social media signals to analyze for better search results.

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