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Raymi is a state of mind.

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Raymi is a young thirty something Internet pop culture diva, Toronto events blogger, artist and homemade sex symbol. She began blogging about her life in the year 2000, at the tender age of seventeen, back before anyone had ever heard of ‘web logging’, and after fifteen years and many ups and downs, this minx has touched thousands of people, in one way or another…

Fifteen Year Rollercoaster Called Raymi the Minx

early raymi the Minx
VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

More dramatic than the average girl’s ride through life, Raymi the Minx’s roller coaster has had some Rocky Mountain heights and Grand Canyon depths, with the sharpest twists and turns yet to come…

It all started back in the year 2000. Fifteen years ago, at age 17, a sexually precocious teen girl in Streetsville began posting messages on a VICE magazine’s Wassup Forum as Raymi The Minx and immediately gained a following. In light of this success a mentor of Raymi’s that she met on that forum advised her to start a ‘blog’ on Blogger.com.

At age 18, in 2001 Lauren moved to New York City to intern / bartender for VICE magazine. Both jobs effectively ended on Sept 11th, and she left NYC in October to work and save money in Canada so she could live in Maine for three months where she had a brief radio show entitled, There’s Something About Raymi. The remote location became too much for her, and so she moved to Toronto where her blog really blew up. Lauren secretly worked as a webcam model and her fast life was soon beginning to spiral down the drain from the good times, and the enabling, using friends surrounding the Raymi / Lauren phenomenon. So she fled from Toronto to California for a month.

Raymi at Nuit BlancheAt age 20, Raymi’s blog traffic tripled again. She was living in Los Angeles longboarding on Manhattan beach, and she was so close to her dreams, or so she thought, but was in fact flying too close to the sun. “I was so stupid back then” she whispers, “I did it all wrong and no one was nurturing me, this movement I thought I was spearheading”. The roller coaster plunged downward and the tween finally snapped. Downtime was spent afterward over a significant period of time residing in Oakville and then Lauren got her groove back. This period in her life she refers to as, “Six Months in Mansions,” dating a bad boy of the town at the time she also notes this period of her life fondly as one of the best times of her life. The glory days. Then she met her to-be fiance and spent five years blogging their entire relationship leading up to a brief engagement which ended cataclysmically. During this period, Raymi won several notable first place blog awards.

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