Raymi Dispensed Twenties in Tweetsteria

Tweetsteria pays people to meet each other in restaurants and bars playing trivia over Twitter. The instantly gratifying way the game dispenses cash is pretty great, but that’s not the only exciting thing about the program. The game works to bring single people together because every question pays twenty bucks cash (first correct answer plus the #tweetsteria hashtag on Twitter wins $20 cash). Cagnye's in Streetsville

I was the co-host of the very first game of Tweetsteria produced by Laura Bilotta from Single in the City on Wednesday 24th May 2017. Much to everyone’s surprise the marketing construct proved majorly successful at turning an unsorted mass of single people into multiple couples.

Raymi with Laura Bilotta of Single in the CityOrganized by the most creative people at DRMG Direct Mail company and Surround digital marketing agency in Toronto, it was all paid for by their business accounts. Raymi Toronto was paid some money too by the way, and this blog with the sponsor list is part of the deal.

Raymi Tweetsteria at Cagneys in Mississauga

On that first big night at Cagney’s, I put on my long purple gloves and gave money to winners on behalf of seven Mississauga based companies ranging from A to Z.  The only thing these enterprises have in common is how important and otherwise uninteresting they are… Aire One heating and Cooling has nine locations in Ontario. That brand fact was question number nine, and that data won @NibblesD45 a crisp twenty dollar bill – he’s seen below getting paid.

Raymi as game show hostPraised for being on brand and on theme (it was a Singles event) the Softtron Tax sponsor asked participants to find the RC number of the Marital Status Change form?

Softron Tac solution marital change form RC65The correct answer is RC65 for your information, and although this data is available on their website, its much easier to find on Google which is what @S_Tam41 the winner did, I’m sure. Weed-A-Way lawn maintenance asked folks to decipher the English name for Solanum nigrum (Black Nightshade). And almost right at the start of the game participants were asked to find the closest Master Mechanic?

Thermo Bilt windows and Doors in TorontoDiscount window provider Thermo-Bilt Window and Doors put forth the hardest question of the night, which was to find the most common insulation material inside a thermal insulated window = Argon.  Lastly a personal injury lawyer Zayouna Law firm challenged folks to find out where Joseph Zayouna went to law school = York University.

Tweetsteria is a Singles Orientated Trivia Game Played Live in Bars Over Twitter for Twenty Dollar Bills!

Tweetsteria at Cagneys Raymi TorontoThe game requires restaurants willing to play along and dispense food bonus prizes and let marketing techs meddle with their TVs. The competition itself requires two separate display systems – one to show the questions and another to show the replies with #Tweetsteria hashtag (a Twitter feed that is called without personalisation and in perfect chronological order). The questions are not displayed on Twitter yet but they will be @TweetsteriaGame during the next edition.

crowd wins cash Beatrix twenty

It’s a big production. Tweetsteria is a fiscally rewarding new way for single people to meet each other both online and in-person at the same live event. First described in Modern Mississauga the Tweetsteria Backstory is detailed as having originated from something called Cloud Warriors which also happened at Cagney’s, years ago. That event was not focused on Singles nor was it as well attended or talked about beforehand or afterwards.

Tweetsteria in Cagneys in StreetsvilleTickets were $20 each and that’s the same amount of money each winner received from me once it was confirmed their tweet was first which proved more difficult as the evening progressed . I blogged the May 24th Tweetsteria game in Streetsville on Raymi the Minx.

Below is my friend Heather with her share of the $420 that was dispensed that night – actually she didn’t win anything that money is all borrowed for the picture from the dude beside her who as you can see is under my spell.

beautiful blond girl heather


Purple hand POV Raymi gioves money to winners of Tweetsteria

The next Tweetsteria is coming in June 2017 – follow along on the Tweetsteria Facebook page.. Say hello @TweetsteriaGame on Twitter which is an account Laura started last week. Join and watch it grow.