Leveraging New Technology For Marketing

The City of Toronto has a well-educated work force, of which I’m a proud member.  We are three million people who propel a global center of innovation; Canadian inventions and technology have already and will continue to change the world.  Some of us living in the downtown core eat, sleep and party with new tech trends and the people who make them possible. Seriously when we go out at night to relax we sometime go to marketing and technology Meetup groups! On 15th Nov 2016 a gang of Toronto bloggers met up at Jackman Reinvents which is the agency behind the pink door on Adelaide St.

On that particular Tuesday night in November, Raymi Toronto was invited to attend the AMA Toronto Chapter‘s November 15th 2016 panel discussion entitled The Future Today: How Marketers Can Leverage Emerging Technologies

The event staff put up a nice spread for us and the beer and wine flowed freely (we broke through the one drink ticket ceiling).

great spead br Terrys at AMA Toronto networking event
Buffet table at Jackman Reinvents at AMA Toronto, 15 Nov 2016

On that night like many others we ate our supper from catering trays filled with fresh cut fruits & vegetables and delicious baked pastries and finger sandwiches.  And we listened to speakers discuss how any-size business organization can best adopt new technologies for marketing.

AMA Toronto - networking event - The future of marketing
Joe Jackmanof Jackman reinvents, Mark Vecchiarelli moderator, Adam Green from Google, Zahra Rajani the VP Digital Experience at Jackman Reinvents, and Kevin Keane from Brainsights.

Rob Campbell wrote about the event in an article entitled how Marketing Technologists Predict Future of Advertising

Tania Stadnik - AMA Toronto

in media that pays considerable attention to consultant Tania Stadnik b2b marketing technology expert and the current AMA Toronto President. There were three thought leaders on the bill, Adam Green from Google, Zahra Rajani VP at Jackman,  and Kevin Keane from Brainsights.

Brainsights? When Keven explained his company’s name he said it’s ‘brain’ meets ‘insights’ and then summarized ‘its really cool’. Essentially his company hooks people up ECG machines that read brain activity and then he shows them advertisements and measures their synaptic responses to the media and that is pretty cool.Red, Tania Stadnik, Wedding Girl - Mary Bratko

Liza from AMA, and Tania were super helpful to Mary Bratko, the blogger behind Wedding Girl magazine, who’s launching her own disruptive technology. Mary is the founder and CEO of PrettyBirdApp for hair stylists on-demand mobile beauty workers.

The moderator, Mark Vecchiarelli of Vekya Inc focused the discussion on three different areas of interest. He drilled down on how ad execs and viewers in general crave and ‘chase shiny new things’. Then he took a turn to focus the foursome on how they can best make change by ‘adding connective tissue’. Finally on the subject of measuring results and making corrections he polled the pack about how they go about ‘asking the right questions’.

Raymi talks with Lee and Adam Green from GoogleOverall the panel extolled the role of technology improving brand messaging (by making rich and more profound experiences) and evolving better communication systems. The giant takeaway was to use new technology to fill specific needs and add value to brand experiences. Afterthoughts include finding stakeholders at high levels in other employee silos and then poll them to find shared goals that can become the catalyst for change.

What’s at stake? Everything – disruptive technologies change the economy by radically affecting existing supply and demand ratios. New ideas propelling new market trends can kill old companies overnight. Cumbersome corporations that don’t react fast enough, despite having all the resources and knowledge to best make change and doomed to #FAIL in the marketplace.

technologist s at dinner party at Jackman reinvents

Future marketing technologies will change the way consumers perceive ads, and also change the work force that makes the good and services being marketed. It will upset employment rates across every sector. New tech is already revolutionizing retail stores and affecting every downtown Toronto work space. Most importantly, the processes required to manage future marketing technologies will no doubt change the way workers’ performance is measured.

Tania with Debbie and Deb Lewis of CityEventsDeb Lewis from CityEvents was at the gathering and wrote about the mind shift on her blog post, AMA Toronto: The Future of Marketing, Emerging Technologies which focuses on the subject from the perspective of a woma who has been using new media and fresh marketing techno,ogy to impact and attract potential party goers for twenty years.

There will be always be a role for bloggers and ‘public thinkers’. Adding connective tissue to organizations, and removing barriers to change is at the heart of BEING the evolution that makes businesses more efficient. Each silo needs a powerful communicator on top to make circles in the C-suite

Shannon Tebb, Raymi the Minx, Karen Nussbaum of Storia PR
Shannon (Shanny) Tebb, Raymi the Minx, Karen Nussbaum of Storia PR

Shannon wrote about leveraging new marketing technology to grow her databases for matchmaking in her capacity as dating coach at Shanny in the City, and Karen Nussbaum blogged on the future marketing etiquette tying in Blade Runner movie references.

Karen Nussbaum from StoriaPRPart of the Connect, Learn, Grow series of networking events this affair attracted entrepreneurs from small companies to Fortune 500 executives and everything in between. I see myself as connective tissue and I’d like to add that to my appeal as a premier event blogger and digital marketing strategist. Adding ‘horizontal connective tissue’ to any organization can be disruptive, but in the chaos more effective processes are born. The change-makers from each team should work together to remove common obstacles and they themselves should be the first to adopt and truly be the change they advocate.