Pravda Vodka Bar

Dobriy den (Good afternoon) Toronto comrades!

Had a client meeting yesterday at Pravda Vodka Bar which is located at 44 Wellington St E. I guess someone was in the mood for a bit of Soviet Russian flare. Snacking and drinking in Moscow was the perfect storm for sure. I’ve always wanted to explore this place.

A girly drink was ordered and waiting for me when I arrived. Wrong. I’m a dirty martini girl (but not too salty please) we took turns drinking this though, it was tasty. We got through many dirty martinis after that.

Food had also been ordered and was waiting perfectly there when I arrived. I was pretty fungry and very happy about that. We tucked into Arianciata balls, spinach dip, chicken sliders (tasted like high-end Mcdonalds/KFC so good), spinach dip, Russian meatballs (they were complimentary!) and polish sausage. Click to enlarge if you want.

I perused the menu before heading over and I don’t think I would have ordered any of these things I had my eye on a bunch of other things but I am happy to do it tapas style actually. I’m like a wild animal when hungry. I think so is everyone.

Our server was very friendly and helped “make” the experience. Sometimes they kind of blow or whatever, blend into the background. We were sitting by the bar so naturally in her foot traffic zone. We had a great view of watching a guy try to pick up the other bartender all night and another guy brought 3 gigantic cigars lol. I love going out. People watching is part of it. I saw a guy that totally looked perfect for the setting, a Russian mobster type. He was well dressed, intimidating. I made sure to be on my best behaviour.

I liked our cozy nook. I didn’t even go upstairs wtf?? I will have to go back I guess. Turns out a lot is going on up there too. My client disappeared up there for a bit. Hmm…

Petroushka dolls aka nesting dolls as well as Vladimir Lenin, Boris Yeltsin, Karl Marx and I can’t see the other one. Not only do you get dinner but a lesson in Russian political history too.

I love this decor. I would.

I even loved that little tag too. I didn’t read it though. I can find out if you must know.

Hammer and Sickle of course ☭.

Selfie of course.

The downstairs is also decked out. This is the ladies obvi.

Hi again.

It’s a perfectly transformed (into Russia) space. When we left we were like boo now we’re back in Toronto again. Time spent in Pravda truly feels like a get-away and that’s why I love being a foodie. It’s a constant escape. You’re transported through food, booze, your surroundings, the atmosphere… it’s totally addicting.

Here’s a little bit more on Pravda: Pravda Vodka House began as an idea and has led to a revolution. In the seven years since opening it has inspired a new appreciation for vodka. We are a leader in the unique experience of offering vodka tastings and food pairings in a Russian inspired atmosphere. Through our one-of-a-kind vodka cellar which houses 70 of the world’s best vodkas to our Louis XII décor, you will expand your vodka horizons and be well on your way to becoming a vodka connoisseur.


Proshchay (Goodbye) Toronto.

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  • March 17, 2016 at 2:17 am

    A well written positive piece! The photos you took really show the decor. I will have to try the food next time I’m there. And the upstairs sounds intriguing…

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