HoHoTO 2015 @ Mod Club

Hello darlings of Toronto. It’s never too late to write about something relevant like HoHoTO – “The Toronto party that Twitter built!” It actually began as a casual tweet to raise $10,000 for Daily Bread and then exploded into so much more. Impressive af.

This year HoHoTO took place at Mod Club as always.

Dan Levy and I kick it in the photobooth.

One of our camera chips went kaput and I thought I had the photos in a hohoTO folder on my computer all this time. I did not. There were photos of us from the outside of the photobooth apparently too. Sad af. The photobooth delivered on the props by the way.

Got some IRL ones though. Just me and some other Toronto twitter royalty. Michael Nus also seen here and Andrew Lo and Sheldon aka 40deuce.

I did things like this. Raj took this. There’s many more and unfortunately the only snaps to make it out alive of all my hohoTO coverage. Andrew Lo dj’d it was fun to hang out up there on stage all VIP like. jk anyone could be up there but only the true players hold steady.

And FYI, HoHoTo was a rousing success. All in, the charity banked $30k for the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre. Would def go again next year.

Panago was the food sponsor. It came out in the knick of time too I almost ate somebody.

Surprise surprise Casie Stewart arrives.

Flip my hair shots. The others are too humiliating to share. If I had posted this back in December when the party actually happened, oh lawdy…

Loving my new #416ers hat! Thanks @raymitheminx

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Here’s a hot one though. I brought Sheldon aka 40deuce a 416ers hat under the stipulation that he buy my vodka sodas all night. I made the right choice. I was only given so many hats and they don’t grow on trees. There are many different colours, styles and options available. Even 905ers check them out.

Lauren O’Nizzle also spotted here.

Well lah-dee-dah a nice and tidy little collage to encapsulate it all – mad love to every one of you that was a wicked night. Happy holidays Toronto, you’re on Raymi Time now lol.