Toronto Real Estate Social Strategy For Move Up Realty Inc

A big part of living in Toronto is condo lifestyle and building wealth by buying and owning property – no I’m not speaking from experience, but I do have the experience of partying in a lot of fine condos all over the city.  On Wednesday Aug 19th, Rob and I drove up to North York to discuss social media platforms and SEO link building strategies for a real estate brokerage in Toronto that has a specific interest in Thornhill Woods, of all places…

Move Up Realty is in North York, located at 401 Magnetic Drive, Unit 12-13, Toronto and is comprised of Broker Slava Shelepin and Jay Frenkel.  They are Russian speaking Canadians with distinctively charming ‘European’ accents. And their espresso was great.



and Jay.  Rob really did capture the first handshakes, which is kind of impressive – those facial expressions are totally genuine.

The meeting started in the kitchen with Slava making espressos, and then we went into the boardroom which features some lovely art.

IMG_0076They are well mannered funny guys who seem to be very capable and successful business men ; but I think they’re in a little over their heads when it comes to making good compelling content on their business Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds etc even updating their website seems overly challenging. They happily handed Rob all their website admin codes and thereby empowered him to make the on-page SEO changes he prescribed in his caffeine fueled presentation.  And I’m going to arc out some pointers for their next intern, things she can do everyday to grow their social followings. I prescribed Google+ and Pinterest too.

Move Up Realty’s offices are exquisite and come along with a bonus shared space Lane Studios run by an awesome guy called Mike Parker (I’ll talk about him later) whom you can see in the background here.

The boardroom table is made of black sparkle marble and the walls are covered with beautiful modern to classic art pieces.  After draining his espresso, Rob discussed their website’s SEO and overwhelmed them with a deluge of useful information. Nobody took any notes. After that we all sat around and dreamed up ideas for what the company could do to raise awareness about themselves and their properties and their emerging property management business. Follow MoveUpRealty on Twitter, and find MoveUpRealty on Instagram, and this is MoveUpRealty’s Facebook page.


Move Up Realty has lots of nifty things on their site that Rob advised they try and promote as online attractions. For example they have an Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator which is a kind of a rare offering compare to the Mortgage Calculator and its little brother the Mortgage Insurance Calculator which are more common. These plugins are valuable because they show usability and they are exactly the kinds of things a prospective home buyer might bookmark as useful.

The site also has dozens of articles about all manner of things, including the merits of condo living over home ownership etc

After another round of espressos, they brought out their impressive collection of past magazine covers they have posed together for, and I really liked those.


The blue light bulb logo below is for Lane Studios – stay tuned for an update on my in-the-box shots


There’s a great Middle Eastern Iraqi restaurant that shares the same parking lot and that’s not to be missed – so if you visit these guys be sure to come with an empty stomach.